Windfall on last draw of year 2021, a super lucky winner won RM25 million 4D Jackpot.

Source : Magnum

30 December 2021


A total of RM25,241,146 was won by a single winner and RM680,914 won by other partial winners of Magnum’s 4D Jackpot on 29/12/2021. A lucky man from Slim River, Perak experienced a life changing moment recently, witnessing the Jackpot numbers he purchased being drawn via the Magnum Mobile App Live Draw on 29 December, Wednesday.

The lucky man purchased System Bet-5 with only RM20 won him a multimillion. The winning numbers are 6265 (First Prize) + 6325 (Second Prize) which won him were inspired by his NRIC number and a lucky number from a dream recently.

A loyal Magnum customer for the past 20 years mentioned that he usually purchases RM50 per draw and this time won a bigger amount in his life.  “It is unbelievable, he exclaimed. I could barely sleep the whole night realizing that I’m a multi-millionaire now, I’m so happy to win the 4D Jackpot as I don’t have to worry about my children education expenses anymore, Thank you, Magnum!” he added.

When asked how he will be spending his prize money, the winner said that he will share the windfall with his family members, children education funds and allocate some amount to invest in properties.

A joyful information shared by our Magnum Representative, “We could not be happier for our customers. There’s a lucky streak at the same draw dated 29/12/2021, as our Magnum Life 2nd Prize was won (winning RM1,000 every day for 100 days!). In addition, our Magnum Life Grand Prize also being won (winning RM1,000 every day for 20 years!) on 11/12/2021, which was about 2 weeks ago”

We in Magnum would like congratulate our winners and hope that the prize won would bring upon positive changes to their lives!”

Details of the 4DJP-1 winning: -


Draw date

Draw ID

Winning numbers

Winning sum (RM)


4D Jackpot 1



6265 + 6325


Slim River, Perak

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